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Social Media Technicity and Digital Methods

Web APIs over the years

With the intention to grasp the technicity of digital platforms, I´ve been following up social media APIs for a while. There is also this model (a work still in progress) that question what one should look at social media APIs. The main reason for looking at social media APIs, I argue, consists of two key strands that allow for repurposing of digital research (both in theory and in practice).

Continue reading “Web APIs over the years”

Digital Sociology [notes]

In Digital Sociology (2017) Noortje Marres embraces the digital under a more technology-led approach; it is an effort to show what may come before “the digital alphabetization process”, that is an introduction to digital methods for sociology. Marres thus prepares the field for introducing new formats of doing research and knowing society; explaining Continue reading “Digital Sociology [notes]”

#EleNão vs. #EleSim

Few weeks before the presidential elections in Brazil, some feminist movements raised their voice across different web platforms and grounded protests (29 September 2018). The tag #EleNão (not him) becomes not only synonymous of a massive movement against the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonarobut it also gives the political polarization in Brazil a new format: Continue reading “#EleNão vs. #EleSim”

Trends for Journalism on YouTube

How 360 technology is appropriated by Brazilian journalism? This is an ongoing work about the study of trends for journalism on YouTube, co-authored with Ana Marta M.Flores, Elsa Caetano, Cristian Ruiz and myself. It is still in an exploratory phase, but, however, with interesting insights. We presented our first findings at Continue reading “Trends for Journalism on YouTube”

Beyond Visible Engagement


I´m so happy to announce the third edition of SMART Data Sprint! In January 2019 Continue reading “Beyond Visible Engagement”

Hashtags are not the whole message

Hashtags Studies and related research approaches are commonly explored on Twitter, however, in this forthcoming article André Mintz, Elaine Rabello and myself introduce an approach for hashtag engagement research on Instagram. Our paper systematises approaches which have been explored in the context of two data Continue reading “Hashtags are not the whole message”

#SMARTDataSprint Research Blog

I´m happy to share the #SMARTDataSprint research blog, which gathers the project’s reports of the first and second editions of the SMART Data Sprint. There you can find very interesting projects and approaches to data analysis advanced by digital methods. Continue reading “#SMARTDataSprint Research Blog”

Why look at social media APIs?

I was really glad to attend to ECREA Digital Culture and Communication Section Conference, under the theme: Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Approaches. The conference was held by the University of Brighton, Mithras House on 6 – 7 November 2017. Here is a summary of my talk and the slide presentation. Continue reading “Why look at social media APIs?”

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