Data is not a monster.


I´m very pleased to announce SMART Data Sprint 2018. Data is not a monster is the motto of the second edition of SMART Data Sprint, and the theme: Interpreters of Platforms Data. The sprint will be held in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, NOVA FCSH, from 29 January to 2 February. We are glad to receive Bernhard Rieder and Dhiraj Murthy with keynote talks and practical labs. I am looking forward to learning from them and exchange ideas about ways of interpreting platform data.

The projects will contemplate public health issues (Zika Virus) and Genre Studies (Femicide). Elaine Rabello (Associate Professor at Social Medicine Institute, Rio de Janeiro State University) and Gustavo Correa Matta (Researcher on National School of Public Health / Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) will be leading Zika Virus project. Whereas the debate on Femicide is going to be approached by two different projects: one with focus on Italy by Alessandra Cicali (Italian Journalist at EURETE – EUropean REporting TEam), and the other with emphases on Portuguese-speaking countries.



Here is the official link of SMART Data Sprint 2018.

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