I´m so happy to announce the third edition of SMART Data Sprint! In January 2019we will welcome Richard Rogers and a super international team to think & debate & put hands on work to better understand and critique what goes “beyond visible engagement”. Critical Analytics as an alternative form of study and critique web engagement will be the main topic of Richard Rogers keynote. The project leaders will bring very interesting proposals, such as Journalism Apps with Dora Santos Silva (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – NOVA FCSH) and Mariana Scalabrin Müller (NOVA FCSH/Universidade do Minho),  Health myths’ circulation on social media with Elaine Rabello (State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ), Interrogating Vision APIs with Tarcízio Silva (Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis – IBPAD) and André Mintz (State University of Minas Gerais – UFMG), and Frugal Innovation with Miguel Amaral (Universidade de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico) and Elsa Caetano (iNOVA Media Lab). Not mentioning the short talks with  Beatrice Gobbo (Politecnico di Milano), André Mintz and myself. The practical labs will contemplate the following themes:

» Query Design  
» Querying App Stores  
» Data Extraction Tools  
» YouTube Data Analysis  
» Raw Graphs
» Image Networks 
» Network Analysis with Gephi 
» Text Analysis with Antconc and Voyant Tools 
» Visual content analysis with Image Plot

I am very proud to lead this project together with an incredible team from iNOVA Media Lab, namely Elsa Caetano, Ana Marta Flores and Cristian Ruiz.

Deadline for applications is 13 January 2019. For further information, please access the link , and if you want to know more the data sprint approach watch this video: #SMARTDataSprint