Hi, my name is Janna Joceli Omena. I´m a doctoral researcher in Digital Media at NOVA FCSHUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa, a course that is part of UT Austin I Portugal Program. I am a member of ICNOVA – NOVA Institute of Communication, and researcher and lecturer at iNOVA Media Lab, where I lead the #SMARTDataSprint and coordinate the Digital Media Winter Institute.

 I am particularly interested in platform studies, digital networks, social media technicity and digital methods. The central idea of my PhD research project is to understand the technicity of social media platforms; grasping the regimes of functioning of APIs, algorithms techniques and social media grammars. In so doing, I expect to be able to identify limitations, affordances and analytical capacities for digital research.

I tweet at @JannaJoceli. Papers are available in Academia, ResearchGate and presentations in SlideShare.