Hi, my name is Janna Joceli Omena. I´m a doctoral researcher in Digital Media at NOVA FCSHUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa, a course that is part of UT Austin I Portugal Program. I am a member of ICNOVA – NOVA Institute of Communication, and researcher and lecturer at iNOVA Media Lab, where I lead the #SMARTDataSprint.

 I am particularly interested in software and platform studies, social media technicity and digital methods. The central idea of my PhD research project is to understand the inherent technicity (or ‘ways of being’) of social media platforms in its entelechy by conducting a medium-specific research through experimental case studies in order to grasp the regimes of functioning of APIs, algorithms techniques and the grammars of action (Agre 1994) of social media. In so doing, I aim to identify limitations, affordances and analytical capacities for digital research.

I tweet at @JannaJoceli. Papers are available in Academia, ResearchGate and presentations in SlideShare.