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Web APIs over the years

With the intention to grasp the technicity of digital platforms, I´ve been following up social media APIs for a while. There is also this model (a work still in progress) that question what one should look at social media APIs. The main reason for looking at social media APIs, I argue, consists of two key strands that allow for repurposing of digital research (both in theory and in practice).

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Why look at social media APIs?

I was really glad to attend to ECREA Digital Culture and Communication Section Conference, under the theme: Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Approaches. The conference was held by the University of Brighton, Mithras House on 6 – 7 November 2017. Here is a summary of my talk and the slide presentation. Continue reading “Why look at social media APIs?”

Does context matter?

This piece of work was developed in the first year of my PhD as an effort to reflect on how platforms moderate content and whether they take context into account. I look at the content moderation policy of Instagram, drawing particular attention to  the case of #belarecatadaedolar. Continue reading “Does context matter?”

Instagram Data Analysis: the pros and cons of co-tag network and key actors.

A wide variety of approaches or ways of seeing social media data have been undertaken, the question is whether they are technically adequate or a simple depiction of what you get. Continue reading “Instagram Data Analysis: the pros and cons of co-tag network and key actors.”

Potential scenarios for API research

The technological glue of the web (application programming interfaces) has not only Continue reading “Potential scenarios for API research”

Social Media Technicity: What to Look for in the APIs?

I presented this poster Omena (2016). POSTER – Social media technicity – what to

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