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As Universidades Portuguesas no Facebook

António Granado and I presented our ongoing work about digital methods for institutional communication and science communication at SciCom PT 2017 – Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra, Continue reading “As Universidades Portuguesas no Facebook”


Does context matter?

This piece of work was developed in the first year of my PhD as an effort to reflect on how platforms moderate content and whether they take context into account. I look at the content moderation policy of Instagram, drawing particular attention to  the case of #belarecatadaedolar. Continue reading “Does context matter?”

Cookies Policy and Social Media

Continue reading “Cookies Policy and Social Media”

Facebook Page Like Network: using attributes and metrics.

Continue reading “Facebook Page Like Network: using attributes and metrics.”

How to find a Facebook group id without findmyfbid?

It is quite simple to find a Facebook group id, most of the times ids are exposed in the

Continue reading “How to find a Facebook group id without findmyfbid?”

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