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SMART Data Sprint

#SMARTDataSprint Research Blog

I´m happy to share the #SMARTDataSprint research blog, which gathers the projects reports of the first and second editions of the SMART Data Sprint. There you can find very interesting projects and approaches of data analysis advanced by digital methods. Continue reading “#SMARTDataSprint Research Blog”

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Data is not a monster.


I´m very pleased to announce SMART Data Sprint 2018. Data is not a monster is the motto of the second edition of SMART Data Sprint, and the theme: Interpreters of Platforms Data. The sprint will be held in Universidade Nova de Lisboa, NOVA FCSH, Continue reading “Data is not a monster.”

The Data Journalism Debate

I am pleased to announce the first data sprint organised by SMART* under the theme Continue reading “The Data Journalism Debate”

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