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Ways of Thinking Technicity III

“If one wants to understand a being completely, one must study it by considering it in its entelechy, and not it its inactivity or its static states” (Simondon, 2009, p. 19). Continue reading “Ways of Thinking Technicity III”


Ways of Thinking Technicity II

 “Man is the permanent organizer of a society of technical objects”, (Simondon, 1980, p.4). Continue reading “Ways of Thinking Technicity II”

Ways of Thinking Technicity I

“There is something eternal in a technical schema…And it is that (quality) which is always present and which can be conserved in a thing”. Continue reading “Ways of Thinking Technicity I”

The Data Journalism Debate

I am pleased to announce the first data sprint organised by SMART* under the theme Continue reading “The Data Journalism Debate”

Potential scenarios for API research

The technological glue of the web (application programming interfaces) has not only Continue reading “Potential scenarios for API research”


Continue reading “S M A R T”

Cookies Policy and Social Media

Continue reading “Cookies Policy and Social Media”

The importance of ‘identification’: user id, post id, tweet id, comment id…

In digital research we track digital objects and information, and speaking of social  Continue reading “The importance of ‘identification’: user id, post id, tweet id, comment id…”

Facebook Page Like Network: using attributes and metrics.

Continue reading “Facebook Page Like Network: using attributes and metrics.”

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